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Latvia (LBAL) vs Russia (НБЛ) - 99:86

Teams from Russia and Latvia confronted each other in the first game of IABL tournament. After a tense fight Latvian team defeated their opponents with the result of 99:86.

The game took off with two-pointer from A. Abrikosov who is in a great shape as was demonstrated in Vilnius, however, in the second attack D. Nechiporenko failed in his defense and tournament’s MVP M. Motivans tied the score by shooting two-pointer from a free-throws line. During the 3d minute of the quarter R.Brencs shot a killer long-distance shot and Latvia took the lead – 8:4. Yet, Russians did not seem to give up and A. Abrikosov scored 6 points in a row and tied the score 15:15. The quarter ended with O. Vorobjob shooting a long-distance shot which led Russia ahead of Latvia 24:21.

Russia did not last in leader’s position. Latvians took the lead with the help of ex-professional player M. Motivans , who tooks his team forward by scoring free-throws (35:30) and succeeded in keeping this position till the mid-quarter. A.Abrikosov demonstrated his excellent skills by scoring few points in a row therefore decreases the deficit and tying the score 36:36. However, it did not last, since M .Motivans attacked with a long-distance shot. Latvians started to get in the groove and slowly but surely increased the deficit. Soon enough the deficit became twp-figured 52:42. Two quarters after – 57:44.

After the big break the court witnessed a persistent and hard-set fight. There were not a lot of Russians that came to the capital; however, they proved they were not ready to rest their guns: A. Timakov did not miss free throws, D. Nechiporenko scored a two-pointer, O.Vorobjov killed a three-pointer and the deficit was only by 4 points. 59:55. 30 minutes in the game – 74:69 with Latvians in the lead.

A.Guslecov scored a two-pointer in the final quarter and decreased the deficit to 2 points: 76:74, but R. Brencs scored a much needed three- pointer and shortly A.Svirido scored two long-distance shots (88:82). Latvian team took the lead, Russia’s team was getting weaker, and shots were thrown sideways. In the time left Russia failed to recover therefore recognizing the Latvian team as the winning one.



Interesting facts:
Biggest lead: Latvia 15, Russia 3.
Largest run: Latvia 10:0 (57:42), Russia 7:0 (59:55).
Leading the team has changed 3 times; the result was equal 6 times.

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Teams from Russia and Latvia confronted each other in the first game ..........

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